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Whether a project is a new development or a residential solar installation, we provide our clients with long-term renewable solutions that immediately reduce their energy costs. Satewide Solar specializes in Commercial Solar Power solutions, Residential Solar Power solutions, Solar Panel Installation, Solar System Maintenance, Solar Panel Repair, Solar Panel Replacement, and much more!

Our dedication to excellence has driven Statewide Solar since its inception, to the high quality of workmanship we continue to deliver today.

Would you like to save thousands on energy costs over time? Would you like to take advantage of the great advances in solar technology that have come about in the last few years? Contact the best local Solar Power Experts in St. Louis at Statewide Solar! You can always feel confident about working with our team at Statewide Solar.

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Statewide Solar is a highly rated, trusted Solar Power Company in Missouri.  We work hard to make sure every project is handled excellently and with the care you deserve. We work hard to ensure every customer is completely satisfied, and we are passionate about putting our know-how related to clean energy and solar power to work for you!

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William M.

Fenton, MO

Nick kept us advised as to the progress of the job. Since we were having the roof replaced he did all of the coordination with the roofing company to ensure a timely completion of the job. Extremely knowledgeable of the system and fully capable of an initial installation. If we have a need in the future we will call the company. As well as the great work his pricing is extremely good.

Jeff L.

St. Louis, MO

Honest upstanding guy good to work with!

Stick it where the Sun Shines with Statewide Solar!

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Because they have no moving parts, solar panels require little to no maintenance at all. Furthermore, most states in the US are invested in reducing their carbon footprint and offer generous rebates and incentives.

  • Homeowners that produce their own energy can see instant savings on their power bill!
  • We do everything for you and will stay connected with you each step of the way.
  • Federal and local incentives make going solar a no-brainer for qualified homeowners.

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